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Sand Media Filters

The water used for the irrigation system must be properly filtered and cleaned for the efficient operation the irrigation system. Water contains trash, algae, sand, silt, and other solid contaminants, which will lead to plugged nozzles silt-deposition, inoperative valves and

reduction in the overall efficiency of the system. Aytok sand

media filters can resolve these problems. Aytok sand  media

filters can designed  and  manufactured  to the international

standers and are a well –known name  in the field of the field

of irrigation system. Aytok filters provide reliability, efficiency

and long-term economy.

Filter tanks

Filter tanks are made of black carbon steel with a sheet thickness of 4mm and are robust in construction. Interior and exterior of the tanks is painted with electrostatic polyester. The metal screen filters are long lasting and do not require any maintenance the filter units are available in different sizes with various flow rates. Several unites can be combined to meet the required flow rate. The backwash system can be manual or automatic with or without a bypass system. Filtration is achieved through flow from inlet (top) manifold and outlet (bottom) manifold. Flow rates are available from 25/hr to 90/hr.

Filter unites are available as factory assembled.

They can also assemble at site depending upon

individual requirements and convenience.

Piping, manifold, valves, pressure gauges and

related accessories are included as standards.

Aytok filter tanks are designed and manufactured

to the most exacting standards. State of the art

welding and fabrication techniques assure

that Aytok product designs are manufactured to

provide a long useful system life with little maintenance.


The suction and discharge manifolds and connection pipes are made of black carbon steel and painted with electrostatic polyester, which provides resistance against corrosion. Stainless steel manifolds, are also available and can be supplied on request. The system can be installed with or without a by-pass line in case the filter tanks require any maintenance.

Backwash system

  • The backwashing is accomplished with clean filtered water.
  • Backwashing can be done manually as well as automatically through solenoid and a programmable electronic control.
  • Evenness of media bed fluidization ensures total cleaning of the system.
  • Cleans one tank at a time so you can continue to irrigate during the backwash cycle.
  • Back flush valves are epoxy painted, long lasting and provide trouble free service.
  • Four filter units can be operated by a single control station.-
  • Backwashing is accomplished using filtered effluent from other vessels in the system, no backwash pump is required.

Filter media

Each filter tank has a permanent media filter bed consisting of quartz sand. The quartz sand is evenly laid in the tank to a depth of 14; which removes residual organic and inorganic suspended solids matter present in TSE to 40 to 60 microns fineness in once through application.

Automatic control

Optional automatic control system makes Aytok filters most cost effective package.  Aytoks electrically operated fully automatic operating system provides for full-unattended operation of the filters. Backwashing is controlled by a programmable electronic control unit housed in a suitable enclosure.

Filtration process

  • Uniform 14 inch media bed depth for optimum particle entrapment.
  • Filtration is achieved through flow from inlet (top) manifold to outlet (bottom) manifold.
  • High strength, hydraulically balanced carbon steel manifold for through
  • Backwashing Stainless steel manifolds are available as optional.
  • Low-pressure drop and even low flow dispersion.


  • Each vessel is provided with a back flush valve.
  • Solenoid valves shall be actuated by AC/DC powered supply.
  • Actuation shall be via water pressure provided from the filter system through an 8mm pneumatic hose.
  • A4-inch quick relief valve shall be provided.

Design features

  • 18 inch to 48 inch diameter vessels available.
  • Automatic or manual operations.
  • Black carbon steel (painted with electrostatic polyester) configuration.
  • Stainless steel manifold and piping available on demand.
  • Custom designs available on demand.
  • A quick relief valve is provided.
  • High-pressure rating vessels are available as optional.
  • Flow rate available from 25 /hr to 90 /hr.
  • DN200(8 inch) inlet / outlet manifold and Dn100 (4 inch) backwash.

Typical applications                 For removal of

#        Treated sewage effluent (TSE)                    #        Suspended solids

#        Process water                                                    #         Turbidity

#        Brackish water                                                  #         Organic &inorganic material

#        Pool &decorative water features              #          Material

#        Waste water                                                       #          Bacteria

#        Strom water                                                      #         Odor

#        Ground water                                                   #         Fibrous material


Technical Specifications


code D


D1 (inch) H (mm) H1 (mm) M (mm) H2 (mm) A (mm) T






Max. Flow  /h Max. Sand. Qty. (kg) Max. Press. (Bar) Wgth.                  (kg)
3090S 4” 36” 1900 60 ¼” 1950 720 ¾” ½” 1” 50-90 600 8 210
code D


D1 (inch) H (mm) H1 (mm) M (mm) H2 (mm) A (mm) T




Max. Flow  /h Max. Sand. Qty. (kg) Max. Press. (Bar) Wgth.                  (kg)
3020 2” 18” 200 600 800 1220 720 ¾” 25 150 8 48
3025 2 ½” 24” 290 650 940 1320 880 ¾” ½” 25-40 200 8 82
3030 3” 24” 290 650 940 1320 880 ¾” ½” 40-50 200 8 84
3040 4” 24” 320 800 1120 1520 880 ¾” ½” 40-60 250 8 97
3050 3” 31” 500 300 1100 1200 987 ¾” 1” 40-70 300 8 90
3060 3” 36” 500 300 1100 1200 1114 ¾” 1” 40-80 350 8 110
3070 4” 36” 500 300 1100 1200 1114 ¾” 1” 40-80 350 8 118
3080 4” 48” 500 300 1100 1200 1420 ¾” 1” 40-90 700 8 166


  • Backwash valves
  • Solenoid valves
  • Quick relief valves
  • Control unit (programmable Electronic control)
  • 8 mm pneumatic tube
  • Connection parts